ACE Tutorial 017
Using the ACE_Barrier synch object

The ACE_Barrier implements the barrier synchronization pattern.

That's nice. What does it mean?

What it means is that you can use the ACE_Barrier to cause a set of threads to all wait at a specific point in your application. In other words: the threads reach a barrier that none can pass until all are present.

This would typically be used in scientific applications where a set of threads are all working in parallel on some great computation but they have to synch and summarize before continuing to the next stage of calculation. With proper use of ACE_Barrier, the threads can easily synch before continuing.

In this tutorial I'll create a simple wrapper for the ACE_Barrier. In reality, the ACE_Barrier is so easy that a wrapper isn't really needed. I created the wrapper anyway though just because I wanted to.

Kirthika's abstract:

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