Online ACE Tutorials

The following online tutorials are designed to help get you started with ACE. The original audience for these tutorials was the Automated Design Systems (ADS) IPC team, lead by James Johnson. Since then, the scope has been changed to include anyone who wants to learn about the ACE framework. Hopefully, even experienced ACE programmers will find something new here. With a framework as encompassing as ACE, it is easy to become an expert in one area and know little or nothing about others.

Before you try compiling Tutorial 2 (and beyond) you might want to read these comments about C++ templates

Your basic Client/Server hookup

  1. A Simple Server
  2. A Simpler Server
  3. Finally, a Client
  4. A much cooler client

A word about concurrency

  1. No threads, nothing fancy, just do the work!
  2. I'd like to dedicate... a thread to each connection.
  3. Let's pool our resources:  a fixed-size pool of threads.

Finding servers on your network

  1. Calling all servers!
  2. Discriminating tastes...

A word about ACE_Message_Queue

  1. Puttin' data
  2. What about non-trivial data?
  3. Puttin' pointers
  4. Task chains and state machines

Paddling down (and up) the ACE_Stream

  1. ACE_Stream Tutorial, Of Sorts
  2. A certain amount of Protocol is required!

Keeping yourself in synch

  1. On one condition...
  2. Something about Barriers
  3. Tokens & templates

Do you remember...

  1. Using System V Shared Memory for telepathy
  2. Never forget anything else again!
  3. Pooling your memories via ACE_Malloc

Configurin' components dynamically

  1. Using the ACE Service Configurator framework

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